Sabah Land Ordinance  

Sabah Land Ordinance

ISBN 978-983-3519-17-0
Author: Nasser Hamid
Binding: Softcover/Extent: 718 pages
Publication Price: MYR 300.00
The law is stated as of April 28, 2009

The “Sabah Land Ordinance” (Land Ordinance (Sabah Cap 68)) of 1930 is the principal statutory instrument regulating occupation of land and its alienation within the State of Sabah. Another facet of the importance of the Sabah Land Ordinance is that it provides the framework for land policy in the State.

In view of the fact that the National Land Code 1965 (Act 56) which governs land law in Peninsular Malaysia is inapplicable in Sabah, the reported decisions on the Land Ordinance (Sabah) (Cap 68) remain the most important and integral source of interpreting the said provisions of the Ordinance. “Sabah Land Ordinance: Cases & Meterials” provides access to all reported decisions on the Sabah Land Ordinance (Cap 68). The Full Judgements of all reported decisions are provided in the Casebook section of the publication. “Sabah Land Ordinance: Cases & Materials” is an indispensible research tool that permits the reader to search the Land Code under various subject classifications under the Citator Search.

Research into decisions pertaining to the Sabah Land Ordinance (Cap 68) is also possible by way of Case Referencer that is the reported cases can be accessed by way of the specific statutory provisions of the Sabah Land Ordinance (Cap 68). The reported decisions provided in this publication also refer to the following statutes particularly relevant to the State of Sabah:

  • Application of Laws Ordinance (Cap 6) (Sabah)
  • Control of Rent (Business Permises) Enactment 1965 (Sabah)
  • Co-operative Societies Ordinance of Sabah 1958
  • Forest Enactment 1968 (Sabah)
  • Forest Rules 1969 (Sabah)
  • Housing (Control and Licensing Developers) Enactment 1978
  • Interpretation Ordinance No. 34/1968 (Sabah)
  • Limitation Ordinance 1930 (Revised), and the
  • Sabah Land Rules (G.N. 505 of 1930).

The above can be accessed by way of the section on Statute Search.

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