Road Accidents Citator (Second Edition)  

Road Accidents Citator (Second Edition)

ISBN 978-983-3519-07-1
Author: Nasser Hamid
Consultant: Hamid Ibrahim
Binding: Softcover/Extent: 610 pp
Publication Price: MYR 200.00
The law is stated as of June 1 2007

The Road Accidents Citator remains the first and only Definitive Citator to provide a readily searchable single source of all reported decisions in the area of Personal Injury and Fatal Accidents Claims in Malaysia.

The information within the citator is now complemented with General Notes and Case Digests. The General Notes set out the general principles and a concise explanation of the law, while the Case Digests provide the interpretation of the law by the courts especially in the areas of Liability and Assessment of Damages.

To complete the revision of the first edition, the section on Quantum Of Damages in addition to providing the awards for the injuries, now provides Notes On Injuries as well as the Comparables relied on by the court in awarding damages for the injuries sustained. Cases from Singapore and Brunei are an added new feature.

This revised and updated second edition is now divided into the following areas:

  • General
  • Trial
  • Assessment of Damages
  • Death
  • Liability
  • Traffic Offences
  • Injuries (General)
  • Quantum of Damages

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