Real Property: Limitation of Actions  

Real Property: Limitation of Actions

ISBN 983-3519-01-6
Author: Nasser Hamid
Binding: Softcover/Extent: 580 pp
Publication Price: MYR 200.00
The law is stated as of December 31, 2005

Real Property – Limitation of Actions examines actions for the recovery of land and actions to enforce proprietary rights in land and the requirement to comply with the strictures of time in bringing such actions as provided by the law of limitation, which is determined primarily by statute.

The relevant provisions of the National Land Code 1965 (Act 56), the National Land Code (Penang and Malacca Titles) Act 1963 and the Limitation Act 1953 (Act 254) are discussed and interpreted to indicate the position in West Malaysia, while the same approach is taken in relation to Sabah and Sarawak with the examination and interpretation of the Sabah Land Ordinance (Cap 68), the Sabah Limitation Ordinance (Cap 72) and the Sarawak Land Code (Cap 81) and the Sarawak Limitation Ordinance (Cap 49) respectively.

Topics Covered At a Glance:

Limitation • Limitation Act 1953 • Real Property - Law & Rights of Parties • Actions to Recover Land & Limitation • Caveats • Land Acquisition • Trust Property • Sabah - Land and Limitation • Sarawak - Land & Limitation

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