Land Law in Sarawak  

Land Law in Sarawak

ISBN 978-983-3519-27-9
Author: Nasser Hamid & Prof Salleh
Binding: Hardcover 930 pages
Publication Price: MYR 400.00
The law is stated as of February 15, 2011

Land Law in Sarawak is the first and most complete publication on the subject ever to be published. All reported decisions have been included. Excerpts from judgments are provided for ease of reference. Cases on Native Customary Rights also include decisions from Cases on Native Customary Law in Sarawak and the compilation of Land Cases 1946-1968 and Land Cases 1969-1987 published by the Land and Survey Department and several unreported decisions delivered recently. Land Law in Sarawak in a single publication provides the reader a useful reference to the legislation and cases pertaining to land law in the State. It will be a useful for both the Bench and the Bar and all those involved in the administration of land in Sarawak.

The largest chapter in the book is Chapter 5 – NATIVE CUSTOMARY RIGHTS, which examines all reported and unreported decisions and includes a section entitled PROOF OF NATIVE CUSTOMARY RIGHTS.

There is extensive examination of the principal legislation on land in Sarawak - the Land Code (Cap 81). Also included are the Evidence Act 1950 (Act 56), the Federal Constitution, the Land (Registration of Titles) Rules and the Land Surveyors Ordinance (2001) (Cap 40).

Topics Covered At a Glance:

  • Introduction
  • Registration
  • Alienation Of State Land
  • Dealings in Land
  • Native Customary Rights
  • Caveats
  • Resumption
  • Settlement
  • Actions for Recovery of Land And Rights over Land

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