Islamic Family Law  

Islamic Family Law: Cases & Materials

ISBN 978-983-3519-21-7
Author: Nasser Hamid
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The law is stated as of December 15, 2009

Greater emphasis is now being given to the role of ISLAMIC LAW in the resolution of disputes between parties, be it in Malaysia or all over the globe. Such attention is more the so apparent since the setting up of Syariah Courts to adjudicate disputes where the parties at the material time of the dispute are adherents of the Islamic faith. In Malaysia, Syariah courts were established by virtue of a provision in the Federal Constitution, Para 1 of list II (state list). With the challenges to the jurisdiction of the Civil Courts and the Syariah Courts by the parties to the dispute, conflicts of jurisdictions between the two courts have also become more apparent.

ISLAMIC FAMILY LAW: CASES & MATERIALS provides the reader with the decisions of the Malaysian Courts on the area of ISLAMIC LAW dealing with the issues of MARRIAGE, RECONCILATION, CUSTODY OF CHILDREN and DIVORCE. Research is also facilitated by the section STATUTE SEARCH which refers the reader to the main legislation which impacts on these areas but also specifically provides the relevant State Legislation where relevant, be it in the Federal Territory, Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Selangor and Terengganu.

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