Insurance Law  

Insurance Law

ISBN 978-983-3519-15-6
Author: Nasser Hamid
Binding: Softcover/ 693 pages
Publication Price: MYR 260.00 Special Offer MYR 240.00
The law is stated as of February 20, 2009

Insurance law remains an important area in the practice of law today. In view of the many sources of insurance law, from principles to legislation, this publication provides the reader an avenue to examine all the relevant principles of insurance law, the application of those principles in the context of decided cases and the legislation that regulates the insurance industry.

INSURANCE LAW provides the reader with the principles and the application of such principles within the context of decided authorities from all over the Commonwealth. The principles and authorities found in this publication include those from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Extracts from key case law are provided where necessary.

Also included are the INSURANCE CONTRACTS ACT 1984 (Australia), MARINE INSURANCE ACT 1906 (United Kingdom) and INSURANCE ACT 1996 (ACT 553) (Malaysia)


Topics Covered At a Glance:

  • Nature of contract of insurance
  • Disclosure
  • Contract of insurance – formation & terms and conditions
  • Interpretation of insurance contracts
  • Agency
  • Insurance claims
  • Words & phrases
  • Insurance terms

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