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Author: Nasser Hamid and Maimoonah Hamid
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The law is stated as of January 15, 2015

The true meaning of "foreclosure" is a process whereby the mortgaged land "becomes absolutely his, i.e. the mortgagee's" (See Stroud's Judicial Dictionary (5th Ed) at p 1010.).

Subject to correction, the word "foreclosure" does not seem to appear anywhere in Part Sixteen of the NLC. Charged land in Selangor can only become the property of a chargee if he successfully bids for it in a sale ordered by the court. In a loose sense therefore, the term foreclosure is being used to mean the steps taken for the sale of the mortgaged property by a court order or by a power of sale contained in the mortgage so that the sale proceeds can be used to pay off the debt: per Mahadev 1 LNS 104; [1994] 1 MLJ 608.

Also included is a section on WORDS AND PHRASES.

Subject areas covered:

  • Accounts affidavits appeal
  • Arbitration assignment attestation
  • Auction date bankruptcy banking and
  • Cause to the
  • Contrary
  • Chargee chargor collector of land
  • Companies conclusive evidence
  • Courts danaharta debenture
  • Delay doctrine of merger english law
  • Equity/equitable
  • Rights/equitable
  • Principles/equitable
  • Charges
  • Foreign currency fraud housing developer
  • Indefeasibility injunction insurance
  • Interest intervention islamic banking
  • Land administrator legal profession limitation
  • Liquidator malay reservation
  • Moneylenders native title notices of demand
  • Power of attorney receivers and
  • Remedies reserve price sabah land
  • Sale and purchase sarawak land code stamping
  • Tenancy
  • Financial
  • Institutions act 1989
  • Caveat charge annexures
  • Clause
  • Revenue
  • Co–operative
  • Societies
  • Estoppel foreign bank
  • Facilities
  • Market value
  • Land
  • Managers
  • Registrar of titles
  • Ordinance