Bribery and Corruption  

Bribery and Corruption

ISBN 978-983-3519-28-6
Author: Hamid Ibrahim and Nasser Hamid
Binding: Softcover 746 pages
Publication Price: MYR 220.00
The law is stated as of May 1, 2011

Any offence, be it murder, rape, robbery or corruption is an offence against society and the community at large. By stating that the crime of corruption stands in a league of its own and cannot be equated with the heinous crimes of murder, rape, robbery and criminal breach of trust, etc the Court of Appeal underplayed the effect of corruption in this society. The offence of corruption, if unabated, is far more reaching in consequences than crimes of robbery, criminal breach of trust or rape. Therefore, the sentence imposed for offences of corruption should be deterrent in nature so as to reflect the gravity of the offences: PP v Dato Waad Mansor [2005] 1 CLJ 421 (FC).

This publication provides all relevant decided cases and materials pertaining to the subject of BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION. A CITATOR is included to assist the reader by providing initially the description of the area of the law within the offence of bribery and corruption and then the reference to the case or cases on point. The reader can then peruse the full judgment of a particular case in the CASEBOOK section. Research into decisions pertaining to the major legislation pertaining to the subject i.e., the Prevention of Corruption Act 1961 (Act 57), the Anti Corruption Act 1997 (Act 575) and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (Act 694) is also possible by way of STATUTE SEARCH, that is the reported cases can be accessed by way of the specific statutory provisions of those statutes. As stated, the CASEBOOK section of this publication provides all major Malaysian authorities on the area of Sedition and further provides the complete citations of all three Malaysian law reports.

The section on MATERIALS provides useful information on the subject to further assist the reader. BRIBERY AND CORRUPTION is the latest and most complete book on the subject.

Foreword by Yang Berhormat Mr Karpal Singh.